PLEASE BE PATIENT WHILE WE SET UP THIS WEBSITE. We will be up and running very shortly. If you have any questions, please contact Ben Mathewson on (03) 63266989

Welcome to Present Moments Tributes. let me tell you a bit more about myself and my business. 

From a young age I was interested in tributes - In primary school I wrote a Poem for the birth of my teachers baby called "Moonbeams" and from then I have created many other tributes for teachers, family and friend, and sometimes for special occasions like 80th birthdays, funerals, Anzac day and Remembrance Day. 

I want to create Tribute for You! The idea is very simple. You email me or telephone me with the type of material you would like to write for you, and I will custom write a poem, or short piece of prose for you. My prices are on the "Web Store" part of this Website. You can choose which file format you would like me to put it in, and you can print it out from your own computer. 

This is not, as you might imagine from other businesses- a funeral poetry site. I will work on anything custom for you - from a teen's birthday to a short speech on Unicorns! I know a little bit about most things, and what I don't know I can find out!  Give me a call today if you need that creative spark!

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